J'aime Cohen is a New York Creative who focuses on consumer experiences. She believes that the foundation of a meaningful brand begins with an authentic understanding of one's offering and unique position in the marketplace; and that one must breathe life into that definition at every touchpoint.




Every project should begin with a strategic foundation. From an in-depth understanding of one's competitive landscape to the creation of an authentic and significant positioning statement, a strategic platform allows a brand to create meaningful and impactful relationships with its consumers.



Building a strategic framework is key to successful design. When strategy is married with talent, instinct and experience, design can lead to tangible value and further opportunities. Successful design allows consumers to emotionally connect with a brand.



There is an extraordinary emotional power in being understood. When someone or something we love validates that experience, it let's us know that we are not alone. Through successful brand strategy and design, we can foster this connection adding value to both a brand and those who connect with it.